The purpose of the consultation process is to establish a consensus on actions with the highest potential for impact. Your views would be instrumental to single out actions that are most likely to be successfully implemented, as well as to identify mitigation steps to reduce and counter risks that may negatively affect the overall success of the implementation. We also seek to identify potential actors that may want to take a leadership role in the implementation process following formal approval of the Roadmap. We would be grateful for any expression of interest with respect to any specific actions and will welcome an opportunity to discuss our potential collaboration in greater detail.

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4. Do you agree with the main premises of the Roadmap, i.e. that low levels of gender diversity on corporate boards is not attributable to lack of state policy or lack of capacity, but to lack of demand?

Please elaborate in the comments:
  • If not, want in your view are the main reasons for the gender imbalance?
  • If yes, please list any underlying issues outside those listed in the Roadmap you consider contributory to this issue.


5. Please rate the Roadmap components on a scale of 1 to 5 according to their appropriateness for producing tangible improvements in increasing gender diversity on board.


6. Do you believe that other measures outside those outlined in the Roadmap could be beneficial and potentially impactful in this respect? If yes, please list any additional actions.


7. Do you see any factors that could impede the implementation of the Roadmap components? *

Potential Impediments
Roadmap Pillar I:Creating Awareness
Roadmap Pillar II: Developing Capacity
Roadmap Pillar III: Deploying Capacity
Roadmap Pillar IV: Legal and Regulatory Instruments

8. Do you believe there are stakeholders on the Turkish market that could significantly contribute to the success of this initiative, but have not been mentioned by the Roadmap?

If yes, in comments, please indicate them and the Roadmap component(s) where their participation would be important.


Please indicate your own willingness to contribute to the implementation of the Roadmap by selecting the applicable components and describing the way in which you would like to be involved. *

Would you like to get involved? Yes/NoIf yes, how would you like to contribute (please indicate, if you would like to contribute in the personal capacity or as an institution, or both?
Roadmap Pillar I- Creating Awareness
Roadmap Pillar II- Developing Capacity
Roadmap Pillar III- Deploying Capacity
Roadmap Pillar IV-Legal and Regulatory Instruments